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Who is sam Bankman Fried? His Mission & Net Worth

Do you know who is sam bankman fried? If not let us tell you that he is one of the finest and most generous billionaires ever on the planet. And the more interesting fact about the bankman is that he is just 30 years old.

In this article, you will know who is sam bankman fried, what are the special things about him and his thought process, sam bankman fried net worth, car, house, social media handles, and more. So let’s move on digging about such an inspirational trending bullet.

Who Is Sam Bankman Fried?

Sam Bankman Fried is an American Billionaire, investor, and entrepreneur. His Full name is Samuel Bankman-Fried. He founded one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX which has over one million users and a 10 billion dollars daily trading volume. 

The interesting fact about sam bankman fried is that he loves donating money and he likes to donate all of his billion dollars net worth. In a video, he said that he is rich not because he loves to be rich but because he loves to donate that money. A young, curly hair, cute boy, bankman doesn’t have a supercar, not an expensive dress. He lives very ordinary, drives Toyota, and inspires millions of youths to set higher goals in life.


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Sam Bankman Fried Picture

sam bankman-fried net worth

According to Wikipedia, sam bankman fried net worth is $24 billion as of 2022. He was listed in the 60th position of Forbes. Besides FTX, he also handles questions via Alameda Research which is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading company that he founded in October 2017.

sam bankman-fried twitter

Sam has created his Twitter account with the @SBF_FTX name. To get sam bankman fried Twitter click here.

sam bankman-fried car collection

Bankman has a Toyota Corolla & Audi A7 which is a very cheap car. When someone asked him ‘why you don’t buy a Lamborghini, he replied ‘Because I don’t feel that need’. This is one of the best qualities you can see in some extraordinary entrepreneurs.

sam bankman-fried Instagram

Sam’s Instagram handle is named sbf_ftx. You can follow him by clicking here.

sam bankman-fried LinkedIn

Fried is also active on LinkedIn. His LinkedIn is here.

How did sam bankman fried make his money?

Most of you don’t know how did sam bankman-fried get rich. It is very simple, interesting, and easy to understand. From the beginning, sam wanted to become too rich but not just to love money. Instead, donate that money. After graduating from MIT, he went on a mission to become rich. One day he noticed that the price of bitcoin is very different in U.S and Japan. At the time the price of bitcoin was $10k in the US and $11k in Japan. It became a golden opportunity for him to work as a medium to exchange. So he started buying bitcoin for $10,000 from the US market and selling it for $11,000 in Japan. This is how he became rich. 

Here how did sam bankman-fried make his money doesn’t make big difference because everybody makes money. The thing that makes him special is the intention behind the scene. He has already donated $200 million to charity.

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