Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax Rreframed by Netflix Team

In excessive school, To become an all-around star -- cherished with the aid of using the ones around him and on target for a complete soccer scholarship at the University of Notre Dame. He became the golden boy in his Hawaii hometown, lively in his religion and smooth to get alongside with.

Then, tragedy struck. His grandma died, then his lady friend. Both on an equal day.

Only, his lady friend did not in reality die. His lady friend, the media discovered, did not even exist.

It became a catfish all alongside -- with Ronaiah 'Naya' Tuiasosopo, the lady at the back of the hoax, stuck withinside the middle.

Te'o, Tuiasosopo, and the complex 2013 hoax are the difficulty of a brand new two-element documentary, "Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist," directed with the aid of using Ryan Duffy and Tony Vainuku, out Tuesday on Netflix.

The tale of Te'o and his faux lady friend is a famous one, however, the tale of Tuiasosopo -- who created the fictitious lady friend as a manner to return to phrases together along with her very own gender dysphoria -- is much less so. Tuiasosopo has because pop out as a transgender lady.

Though audiences might also additionally first understand Te'o's name, the documentary opens with Tuiasosopo. She takes a primary function at some point in the 2 episodes, bringing audiences alongside her adventure of self-discovery and gender identity -- formed in element with the aid of using her studies catfishing Te'o.

CNN spoke with Maclain Way, who created the "Untold" collection with brother Chapman, approximately how the group approached portraying Tuiasosopo's and Te'o's trips as each synchronous and separate. This communique has been edited for period and clarity.

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