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Charlie De Melo TikTok: Highest-Paid Tik Tok Star, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family & All

Let find out about Charlie De Melo TikTok, Age, Net Worth, How tall, Birthday, Boyfriend, and all about it.

NameCharli D’Amelio
Born 2004, May 1 (Age 18 years)
FatherMarc Damelio
MotherHeidi Damelio
SisterDixie Damelio
Nationality American

Who is Charlie de Melo Tik Tok Star?

Charlie De Melo is the highest paid tik tok star. She is a young TikTok Star, at the age of 15. She became famous by just creating dances and posting other’s choreography on her Tik Tok account. She had 131.9 Million TikTok followers. She is also consistently active on Instagram, Where she has 45.8 Million followers. She has a Dixie sister, who is also very popular in TikTok. She is considered one of the most famous Tik Tok sensations.

How old is charlie de melo tiktok star?

Charlie was born on 2004, May 1 in the United States. She is an 18 years old extremely famous Tik Tok Star. She has a Meet and Greets event on November 17. She is not linked with a celebrity because she was already super famous at 12 years. Especially she is famous due to her groundbreaking contents of Tik Tok. She might dance to the music, lip-sync, or duet videos, and people don’t avoid falling for her. That’s why she is one of the few TikTokers who reached over 100M in a short time.

If we talk about her fame, her team and she organized a “Meet and Greet session for her fans and followers on November 17. Most of her fans seemed happy, while some tried to point out her false in the star gesture. Many thought that the meet and greet event was just a trick to earn money as she charged $100 for each. 

Charli Damelio’s Net Worth is still a secret.

charlie de melo tik tok star age
Charli Damelio

Charli’s fame in Tik Tok is amazing. She earns from her verified Tik Tok account. She posts entertaining video content, clips, and millions of followers like her for doing that. As a Tik Tok star, her net worth is between $100,000 to $1 Million according to 2019. On the other hand, some celebrity media says she has $12 Million of net worth. Anyway, she made a lot by just entertaining on social media.

After posting her dancing videos on TikTok in 2019, she became a most followed creator. Later she did many sponsorships and created a podcast, a nail polish collection, and a makeup line. In 2020, she crossed 100M followers that made her first most subscribed person, beating the second most subscribed person Addison Rae who had only 70 million followers.


  • First-person to cross 100 million fans on TikTok
  • Charges $100,000 minimum for sponsored posts
  • Earned $3 million in 2020
  • Earned over $1 million or a 2020 Super Bowl ad

Who are her parents and family?

March Damelio is her father who founded a ‘Madsout Clothing Company’ in 2000. He also founded a level 4 Collective Showroom in 2007. Her mother, Heidi Damelio, is a model and Influencer. They have always given full support to Charli and her sister Dixie. Her Tik Tok fame could not have been possible if her parents had not been okay with her time on TikTok. Her parents have a big hand in balancing her social media and studies.

Dixie is also a popular social media personality. She is more active on Instagram rather than Tik Tok. They come together for video on many occasions.


She is 5-feet and 7 inches tall and has a charming personality. Her bodyweight is 55 kg, and she looks like a model. She also has a very good body figure. Her thin waist and nice curves add more perfection to her beauty. Charli’s body measures are 33-24-34 inches.

Charli Damelio Relationship Status

charlie de melo age

She has not told her relationship status yet, but it is easier for everyone to guess that she is not dating anyone. However, the case might be different in real life. She may have kept her special someone away from the public or else. Her fame, charm, and beauty have already lured millions of hearts, Especially her body.

5 Facts about Tik Tok Satr Charli Damelio

  • Charlie is 18 years old at present.
  • She is certainly not married, and she has not yet confirmed her relationship status.
  • Charli Damelio is the sister of Famous Instagram star Dixie D’Amelio.
  • Charli is 5 feet and 7 inches tall that equals 1.73m.
  • Charli has collected over 100 Million followers on TikTok and 48M on Instagram.

Earnings and Endorsement Deals

Charlie De Melo makes earnings from various sources, including endorsements, YouTube revenue, merchandise, and sponsor. She earns at least $100,000 for a single sponsored post, and this amount might go up further as her channel grows. She reportedly earned $1M for appearing in the Super Bowl ad in 2020.

In 2020, she earned $3M, which was enough to establish her as the second highest-earning TikTop star globally. She earned $3 million from production deals, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Damelio created videos as a part of campaigns for brands including Hollister, Procter & Gamble, Yoplait, Morphe cosmetics, Dunkin Donuts, Invisalign, and Step. Charli launched a custom drink named ‘The Charlie’ with Dunkin Donuts and a menu option named ‘Charli Cold Foam.’ When her Invisalign endorsement went live, the company saw a significant increment in revenue generated by teenagers.

Charlie and Dixie have a podcast, Hulu documentary series, an animated show, and a series on Snap. They own a licensing deal with Just Mobile Direct that manufactures a line of ring lights. It is a popular tool among vloggers and influencers. They have also endorsed a line of gadgets and phone holders through this partnership. They make a commission on each sale.

Early Life

Charli de melio was born on May 1, 2004, in Norwalk. She started dancing at three and performed in many dance competitions for more than 10 years. She studied in King School and later shifted to virtual schooling when she succeeded TikTok.

Start of TikTok Fame

charlie d'amelio

Damelio started publishing on Tik Tok with a lip-syncing video clip that she made with her friend in May 2019. She gained recognition from around after a couple of months. She made a duet video with a user called Move. Her biggest exposure came in October when she danced known as the Renegade in a song ‘Lottery’ by K Camp.

De Melo reached a new level of fame in 2019 when Barbara Jones, the executive of Sony Music, signed her to their management company, Outshine Talent. Further in early 2020, she signed with United Talent Agency, and she went to appear in a commercial ad, Super Bowl for Sabra Hummus. She was invited to create a TikTok dance challenge to Jennifer Lopez’s halftime show performance.

Film and Television Appearances

Because of her growing social media fame, Charli de Melo began appearing in films and television specials. In 2020 she was on ABC’s “The Disney Family Singalong” and Nickelodeon’s “Kids Together: The Nickelodeon Town Hall’ and part of the celebrity lineup on ‘Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020’. In the same year, Damelio made her feature debut in an animated children’s film called “StarDog and TurboCat,” She played the character Tinker. She also appears in the “Dinner with D’amelios” on her family’s YouTube vlog. She also works with the family on “The D’Amelio Show.”

Other Endeavors

She worked as a brand ambassador in a clear braces company, Invisalign. She partnered with Morphe Cosmetics to launch a makeup line named Morphe 2 with Dixie Damelio. Both sisters launched a nail polish collection named Coastal Craze and co-created Hollister’s Social Tourist apparel. Additionally, both sisters partnered with Simmons Bedding Company to design their x Simmons mattress.


Charli’s fame has come with a fair share of controversies. Many have praised her Tik Tok presence for being relatable and authentic. Others have criticized her for being unexceptional and cringe-worthy and an unknown personality who appeals to a mainstream commercial audience. D’Amelio faced a heightened level of controversy In December 2020 for vacationing in the Bahamas during the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast, all the cases surged in Los Angeles. Just before this, she had publicly disclosed that it was inconsiderate not to stay home during the covid pandemic. At the time, De Melo was also accused of purchasing some of her TikTok followers.

D’Angelo’s Personal Life and Philanthropy

Charli has been open that she suffers from an eating disorder. She also shared her experiences with body shaming. Because of the latter issue, she partnered with UNICEF in 2020 for an anti-bullying campaign.

From the philanthropic side, D’Amelio has been talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and also talked against the murder of George Floyd, an American man on TikTok. She has helped those with special needs and donated money to a fundraiser in 2019. She had donated $50,000 to Norwalk Hospital in spring 2020 to support the institution in obtaining critical medical supplies during the corona pandemic. Later in the year, she donates $100,000 to the American Dance Movement to partner with TikTok. This offers access to dance education in the United States.



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