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Steve Jobs Height As an Innovative entrepreneur

Steve Jobs height, net worth, wife, childhood, parents and more facts about him.

NameSteven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs)
Born1955, February 24
ParentsAdopted son
Net Worth$10.2 billion

Who is steve jobs?

Steve Jobs was the founder of the Apple computer, also known as Macintosh. He was a fascinating pioneer of the personal computer era. Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc in 1976. He grew this company as the world-leading telecommunication Industry. Jobs is very famous globally as a genius and visionary business person. He launched such revolutionary tech products as iPhone and iPod.

Steve Jobs height

Most popular American entrepreneur and tech inventor Steve Jobs is always remembered as the innovative chief of Appl Inc. According to the FBI site, his height was 6 feet. His weight was 160 pounds. That is approximately 1.88m in height.

Steve Jobs height as a businessman

Steve Jobs height in business world

As a businessperson, Steve Jobs always remains a most innovative and inspirational personality. His innovation is remarkable. Mac computers are highly appreciated designed extremely consciously. Apple is the best, no 1 computer company in the world.

As well as his communication and marketing skill was awesome, which is a big inspiration for the upcoming generation. Most of the biggest business people take him as a learning resource. Steve jobs height is adorable because of his passion for computers and marketing.

10 Facts About Steve Jobs

  • He was adopted.
  • Steve Jobs was a college dropout.
  • He started to wear his signature black turtleneck because his employees didn’t want to wear the company’s uniform.
  • He didn’t know programming and technological background.
  • His first computer was later auctioned for around $500,000.
  • Steve jobs dated with a 60s Musical Star.
  • He used to experiment with psychedelic drugs.
  • Steve Jobs’s final words were, “oh wow. oh wow. oh wow”.

10 things to learn from Steve Jobs

  • Love whatever you do
  • Follow your passion
  • Cut our or stop the bozos
  • Don’t be afraid to take the right risks
  • Keep it simple and clean
  • Qualifications are not everything
  • Learn to bold
  • Money need not lead your projects
  • Surround with creative culture

Steve Jobs Childhood

In 1955, February 24, he was born in California, San Francisco. He grew as an active and curious child. While steve was two, his parents adopted a tiny baby girl called Patty. After three years, the Jobs family moved to another city of Mountain View, near Palo Alto, in California. This place later became famous as Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs later remembers and said that his childhood home was one of the special things which inspired him as a designer.

When he was a boy, steve and his father worked on electronics in the family garage. Paul, his dad, showed him how to reconstruct electronics. That hobby grew as confidence, determination, and mechanical expertise in the young boy.

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Education and College

steve jobs height
Steve Jobs During College time

However, steve jobs was always an innovative and intelligent thinker; frustrations surrounded his youth life due to the formal schooling system. He used to crack pranks in elementary school to avoid his boredom. His fourth-grade teacher would bride him for study. He tested many things so well. Administrators wanted to push him to high school, but his parents denied that proposal.

Jobs applied at Reed College after high school. It lies in Portland, Oregon. Because of lack of regulation, he dropped out of college early after 6 months. Further 18 months, he spent in a creative class at the school. He later remembers how that calligraphy course formed his love of typography.

He hold a position of a video game designer with Atari. After several months, he left that company to seek spiritual enlightenment and India. He traveled further and experimented with psychedelic drugs to find peace of mind.

Steve Jobs will be always remembered as an revolutionary entrepreneurs of the era.



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