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Robin Singh: Inspiring Story Behind The Peepal Farm

Inspiring Story of Peepal Farm. A computer hacker having successful ecommerce company left the job to save the animals and earth. Let’s dig out about him.

Founder: Robin Singh

Profession: Entreprenuer, Programmer, Influencer, Social Activist

Wife: Shivani Singh

Who Founded Peepal Farm?

Robin Singh established Peepal Farm Organization in 2014 with his wife Shivani and Joellen as co-founders. Peepal Farm is dedicated to animals and was founded as a nonprofit organization. Before founding this organization, Robin Singh was a hacker. He was running a successful e-commerce company in the U.S. That young couple left their jobs in the United States and started serving the injured, sick and weak animals in a village called Dhanotu, India.

Shivani and Robin had a passion for feeding and serving poor animals from childhood. According to Robin Singh, it took him around 10 years to realize that he should help and serve the injured animals instead of seeking help.

Peepal farm India

Robin decided to shift back to India and work for the welfare of animals and their rights. They built a Peepal Farm in 2014, which had a clinic for injured animals, a cowshed and some safe rooms for sick and injured animals. Injured freak cows, mules and dogs were treated there unless they found a home for them. As well as helping animals, Peepal Farms grows a huge variety of fruit, grains, vegetables, oilseeds and greens. They don’t use animal products such as milk, meat, fish, eggs etc. Robin and his Wife are growing soya beans which is very healthy, high in protein, low-fat and cheaper. They make ‘tofu’ with it if it can be a good alternative to cheese.

Story Of Peepal Farm

Peepal Farm Org

Peepal Farm is an organization or group of people with common intentions and goals. They live in such a way that inspires the whole globe to consume less and secure nature and animals.

Peepal Farm is a homeless animal rescue, an organic farm powered by women on a small scale as a social enterprise. Physical pain is objectively bad for any beings, and peepal farms consider serving animals in a very lovely way. It was started as a home place for injured freak animals to heal and treat them. Instead of keeping in a swimming pool, they have to build a cowshed to keep the cows and their babies safely. They have a clinic instead of a media room. They don’t have master bedrooms; instead, they made rooms for those who want to go there and experience a simple and sustainable, joyful and meaningful life because their main priority is to reduce harm for animals and nature.

The main philosophy of Peepal Farm was to reduce the human suffering footprint that we bring with born and turn our life into a highly purposeful aim that fulfils itself within. There are a lot of animals out there who are suffering from humans and being the victim of blindly increasing human consumption. The vision of Peepal Farm is to reduce the physical pain of animals.

Peepal Farm team started to build the place in 2014, December 9, in a tiny village nearby Dharamsala. It lies in Himachal Pradesh, India. They started operating in August 2015. The Peepal Farm team feels great doing work for nature and innocent animals, and they find inner peace, joy, happiness, love, and life in it.

Peepal Farm brings new changes in the human consciousness by being a live example by itself. It has proved that a healthy and joyful life can be lived keeping fewer needs, and it also shows a great example of human virtue that we can cooperate with animals and live further. Peepal Farm inspires to Involve in such activity, leaving Selfishness and ego. They bring people together who care about animal suffering. This is a great mission of the modern time that is inspiring the globe towards the real happiness connected with nature.

Peepal farm kombucha

There are various peepal farm products for human health. Peepal farm kombucha is an organically designed product to improve our gut health. It comes with ready to drink. It is raw and unpasteurized with 1000ml (2x500ml) quantity. It is a pure fuel designed in the Himalayas to improve humans immunity power. All the profits of its products go to running their stray animal rescue mission. 

Peepal farm kombucha and products

Some of the best selling peepal farm products are Peepal Farm Handcrafted Kombucha, Peepal Farm Peanut Butter, Vegan Chocolate Spread, Vegan Snack etc. All its products are plant-based, healthy, homemade, support animal welfare, give employment to women, and spread environmental consciousness.

What are the projects of Peepal Farm?

Here are some amazing projects that the People Farm Organization Team initiated to bring peace and love and inspire others to be a real example.

Stray animal Rescue

Peepal Farm recovery centre and the clinic are safe spaces for freak and injured animals to heal soon.

  • Treating injured homeless animals.
  • Running Sterilization Programs to reduce stary dog’s population
  • Operating ‘Treat On Street’ programs for animals with minor injuries.
  • Running a sanctuary and adoption program for those animals who cannot be released.

Organic Farm

Peepal Farm experiments how we can plant and grow food with minimal impact on land and nature organic. The peepal farm team grows a lot of food on their Farm, which goes straight to their kitchen and purchases other necessary things from the local area.

Social Enterprise: Peepal Farm Products

Peepal Farm only sells those products produced or grown on their Farm. All the peepal farm products are vegan, and they carry a special message for the consumer about what they do and why they do it. They have employed local women to market and sell their products. By selling products, they get feedback about their work, and it also helps promote veganism among more people.


Peepal Farm reveals the animals’ stories they rescue through various media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs. It inspires the audiences to keep all from destructive behaviours and make the world a better place for everyone to live consciously.

Peepal Farm Community

Humans Helping Animals:

  • WhatsApp groups all over India: animal lovers with the group closely support each other. It is the best place to team up, share information, and gather the right resources to help animals.
  • Helping Animals FB Group: A Facebook group to connect rescuers and donors to support them.

Peepal Farm Helpline:

  • Video How-Tos: They answer your questions about first aid, rescuing and dog training and more.
  • Facebook Group: Veterinarians can connect with pet owners and rescuers who have no access to veterinarians in their area.
  • Phone Line: In emergencies, they have a vet online to help people who have no access to a veterinarian.
  • Peepal Farm Friends: Peepal Farm Fans can connect, react and inspire each other.
  • Peepal Farm Telegram Group: It is a hangout space for the Peepal Farm community.

Peepal Shala

Peepal Farm Team has started an initiative to teach newbie kids about their construction. They have a teacher to teach. They welcome volunteers who can involve their children in experiential learning with encouragement and curiosity.


They are bringing a new project called ‘Eco-Village’ that will redesign the dirty structure of the society and bring new life.

Where is Peepal Farm Located?

It is located in a Village called Dhanotu, which is near Dharamsala. It lies in the Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Currently, they can only rescue within an 8km radius of areas that covers Ladwara, Gaggal, Rajol, Rait, Chambi, Shahpur, Garoh and Chari. In any situation you need help with an injured animal around the Peepal Farm coverage area, you can call them on +91 7807 762 910.



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