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Ultimate Discovery Of Osho: Find Out What Osho Gave To The World?

Who Is Osho?

Osho, also known by many names such as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Acharya Rajneesh, Beloved Buddha, was an Indian mystic, spiritual guru, cult leader, and founder of the Rajneesh movement. He is also accepted as a godman by his fans.

He was observed as a very controversial spiritual teacher during the religious movement. He refused institutional religions and left one of the most outstanding contributions to purify spirituality.

Why Osho Is So much popular?

He started as a public speaker with a modern view of things, the universe, life, and religion. He led the new religious movement. He contributed to purifying the cached dust of the religions. It is said that he was one of the top bookworms in the world. It is also said that he read books very fast and read most of the libraries.

Sex (Also known as Kamvasna) has always been a critical thing for humans, and Osho advocated it very clearly. He said that it is a core and fundamental force (energy) of life, and we should not neglect it. His perspective is very magnetic. He taught many tantric tricks for better sex life and more during the process. He became more popular by this. His main reason for being so much popular is his consciousness and wisdom.

Osho Biography

The magnetic leader of a spiritual movement, Osho, founded an ashram in India before leaving for the U.S. He attracted many followers and amassed a considerable fortune with a fleet of Rolls Royces in the United States.

Early Life – Osho

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) was born in 1931 in Central India. He was a fascinating and gifted speaker who became the leader of a worldwide new spiritual movement. It is said that he attained enlightenment (Samadhi) at the age of 21. At that time, he was studying philosophy at the University of Saugar. 

He taught philosophy at Jabalpur University for nine years. Along with teaching philosophy, he attracted disciples to follow his magnetic mix of philosophy and spirituality. In 1999, Osho decided to leave his teaching post and focus entirely on his spiritual Master. He shifted with his disciples to Pune, India, In 1974, where he established a new ashram in comfortable management of six acres of land. 

In 1980, a Hindi fundamentalist attacked him, who denied Osho’s unconventional stance on religion and spirituality. It is said that because of police incompetence, the attacker was never convicted.

osho rajnesh

Osho decided to leave India for America due to failing health conditions. There he could receive better medical treatment. His disciples purchased a large plot of land around the Antelope in Oregon. They wanted to build a vast ashram and other buildings there. There was ofter friction between the ashramites and townspeople. There was a big clash of cultures, and the local peoples of the town felt threatened by the influence of devotees. That’s why many buildings permits were denied. Because of such issues, ashramites tried to get elected directly to the town council. There were also many allegations made that followers of Osho were involved in illegal activities like spreading salmonella (Gram-negative bacteria) in a local restaurant. Too seriously, there were allegations of murder made against some followers of Osho. 2 were eventually convicted of the assassination of Charles Turner, who had tried to close the ranch.

In 1987 Osho became scared of an investigation by the authorities, so he decided to leave the compound in Oregon and move to South Carolina. Here he fell foul of U.S. immigration law. He had managed false marriages and other violations of immigration laws. He reluctantly decided to go for Pune in India because he had been given a suspended sentence on the circumstance that he leave the country.

Here and now, he decided to change his name from Rajneesh to Osho. This is said that ‘Osho’ means ‘Master’ in Japanese, although others say Osho came from the term ‘oceanic experience’ when Osho died in 1990. His death certificate gave a reason for heart failure. However, despite these allegations, some followers who alleged poisoning by the CBI had very little evidence to support them.

Osho’s Philosophy and Beliefs

He was born in a Jain family. He never believed in any religion but merged elements of multiple religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. He also brought new sorts of meditation practices. His philosophy was a kind of Monism that God is in everything. All human beings are, in essence, divine. It was just that there were various manifestations of divinity. He brought an advanced type of meditation that involved letting go of all the attachments to the past, future, and ego.

A spiritual seeker (also known as sadhak) could attain a consciousness where there is ‘no past, no future, no attachment, no ego, no mind, and no self.’ Then he would achieve enlightenment. A different practice he suggested was to practice physical exercise just before meditation. In opposition to many Indian gurus, Osho taught that sex is not an obstacle to spiritual progress. He was also very popular for his love of cars. Many peoples obtained him as a sex guru also. Many of his disciples led relatively straightforward and frugal lifestyles. It is claimed that he owned more than 20 Rolls Royces.

It is estimated more than 50k Westerners spent time seeking enlightenment with the Guru Osho. Mostly there were over 200k members globally, although this dropped off after the late 1980s scandals. Osho never wanted to appoint a successor, but he appointed 21 followers to administer for the Osho Foundation, which continues to contribute an outlet for spreading his teaching.



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