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India’s Top The Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil Sharma Net Worth, Wife, And Bio

Let’s discover Kapil Sharma Net Worth, how he became so much popular and successful comedian from the kapil sharma show and more positive things about him.

NameKapil Sharma (Kappu, Tony)
BornApril 2, 1981 (Age 40)
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Singer, Producer
WifeGinni Chatrath
Net Worth$40 million
Height175 cm, 1.75m

Who Is Kapil Sharma?

Kapil Sharma is known for the comedy King in India and is very popular globally. He is a standup comedian on the Kapil Sharma Show’s television show. He also works as an actor, television producer, and film famous for being the funniest and amazing host. He worked on a TV comedy show called ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and ‘Family Time with Kapil previously and later worked on The Kapil Sharma Show.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma hosting his show comedy nights with kapil

Comedian Kapil Sharma communicates with celebrity guests to promote their latest films and music on the show. The main moto of the show is to make people laugh, and they do it very perfectly. Kapil Sharma has a perfect team of best comedians like Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, Sumona Chakravarti, Chandan Prabhakar, Krishna Abhishek. Unfortunately, Sunil Grover left the show later, but the craze of the Kapil Sharma show has still the same as before.

Kapil had taken a contract with Colors TV before contracting with Sony TV. After ending the contract with Colors TV, he signed a new contract with Sony TV, and now his show is on Sony TV. His show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ transformed into ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ when appearing on Sony television.

Kapil Sharma Net Worth

According to the report of 2021, Kapil Sharma Net Worth is $40 million, which is around 300 Crore Rupees. Kapil charges around Rs. 90 lakh to Rs. 1 crore for a show. He had faced many issues when struggling in the early days. He wanted to become a singer be he was rejected. He came from a low-income family, and now he is the comedy king of India and loved Internationally.

He has earned crores of money from this show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show. This show comes among the world’s best comedy shows. He invites big stars from Bollywood, cricket and the music industry and funnily takes their interview on the show. He made his debut in TV shows in 2006 and later acted on some films.

Kapil Sharma Wife and Family

Kapil Sharma was born in the Punjabi family of Amritsar. His father was Jeetender Kumar Punj, ahead of the Punjab Police, and his mother, Janak Rani, is a homemaker. On December 12, 2018, Kapil Sharma married an Indian actress and comedian Ginni Chatrath. She was appeared in the TV show Hans Baliye in 2009 where Kapil was also acting as a standup comedian.

The Kapil Sharma show watch online

Kapil Sharma

As we mentioned earlier, the Kapil Sharma show is a part of the Sony TV now. It can be watch on Sonlyliv online and thekapilsharmaashow.com. It comes every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 PM. Many audience wathch Kapil Sharma show online and all the episodes are stored online and it can be watched anytime.

Kapil Sharma Biography

Kapil Sharma Shri Ram Ashram Sen School and later graduated from Amritsar Hindu College. He started his career from a comedy sitcom called ‘Hansde Hansande Raho’ which means laugh and make laugh. This show was broadcasted on H-1 TV channel. His big turning point was the ‘Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ that became a strong seed of the Kapil Sharma show. Kapil Sharma won the competition on that show in 2007 and got a trophy with 10 Lakh Rupees.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge made him very popular and made a safe place on the heart of Indian peoples. After succeeding he start working on comedy circus which was broadcasted on Sony TV. He competed with other best comedians of that time and won all the seasons that show.


In 2013, He decided to run his own comedy show named ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. This show came on Colors TV and became megahit. This show appeared as India’s most popular comedy show which established Kapil Sharma as one most exclusive comedian of the India. He was also elected as a brand ambassador in the Lok Sabha election of Delhi in 2014. He acted as a star guest in the early episodes of KBC Season 8. Kapil Sharma hosted the 60th Filmfare award show together with Karan Johar, In the same year. 

He began debuted on a comedy movie ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’ which was produced by Abbas Mustan. He was on the leading role on the film. In 2012, Forbes listed the top 100 Indian stars where Kapil Sharma was also listed.

As a person he had many weaknesses that he later corrected. He was criticized by peoples many times when Sunil Grover reaveled misbehave activity of Kapil. He also faced trouble when he twitted about is tax. With many controversies and struggles he became top celebrity of India. Now Kapil Sharma net worth is more then some of the top bollywood celebrity also.



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