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Ultimate Foundation Of Advait Life Education: Guru Acharya Prashant Bio, Wife, Childhood That You Should Know

In this biography, you will discover supreme guru, vedanta teacher, Indian author, and the founder od Advait foundation Shree Acharya Prashant and his lifestyle, philosphy and beyond.

Name Prashant Tripathi (Acharya Prashant
Born March 7, 1978 (Tuesday)
Profession Profession: Author, Spiritual Teacher, Life Education

Who is Acharya Prashant?

Prashant Tripathi, popular as Acharya Prashant On YouTube, is An Indian author, Vedanta philosopher and social activist. Most youth takes him as a YouTube Sensation.

Acharya Prashant age

Acharya Prashant was born on a special day of MahaShivRtri on March 7, 1978, in Agra, India. He is currently 43 years.

Acharya Prashant Family

He is the eldest son of his three siblings. Acharya Prashant’s father was a bureaucrat, and his mother was a homemaker. Bhaban Prashant’s childhood was spent in Uttar Pradesh, a state of northern India. 

Is acharya Prashant married?

Acharya Prashant life is a big inspiration for the coming generation, and his work will remain its stamp till the endpoint of humanity. He never thought of married.

Childhood and Upbringing

Acharya Prashant Childhood Picture

Acharya Prashant was such a personality who could be quite mischievous and then instantly, deeply contemplative. His friends also recall him as a person who had an unfathomable temperament. They were not sure whether he was joking or serious about something in childhood. A brilliant student, he regularly topped his classes and got the highest commendations and prizes from the school. He got almost everything that a student can achieve.

Acharya Prashant was such a personality who could be quite mischievous and then instantly, deeply contemplative. His friends also recall him as a person who had an unfathomable temperament. They were not sure whether he was joking or serious about something in childhood. A brilliant student, he regularly topped his classes and got the highest commendations and prizes from the school. He got almost everything that a student can achieve.

His mother warmly remembers that how she was honoured many times as a ‘Mother Queen’ for the academic performance of her kid Prashant Tripathi. Teachers would say that they had never seen such a wonderful and brilliant student who is extremely bright in Science, Humanities, Mathematics, English, and Hindi. The current State Governor of that time felicitated and saluted him in a public function to make a new benchmark in the Board examinations and be an NTSE scholar.

He was a prodigal student who was always hungry for reading like Osho. Since the age of five, he has read many books. His father had an extensive home library where some of the world’s best books were available. Such as literature, including spiritual texts and scriptures like Upanishads etc. He used to sit silently for long hours on a corner of the house and read books. Only matured and advanced age of peoples could understand his stuff because his knowledge is very deep. He would forget meals and sleep, lost in reading most of the time. Before 10, Prashant had read almost everything available in his father’s collection, and he was further asked for more books.

He began composing innocent poetry at the age of eleven. This is the first sign of his mystical appearance. His poems were very deep to understand. They were imbued in the shades of the mysterious and were mostly asking queries which most grown-ups could not grasp.

While he was fifteen, after living in the city of Lucknow for several years, He shifted to Ghaziabad nearby Delhi because of his father’s job transfer. The specific age and the changing process of the city accelerated his internal process that had already burden deep roots. He used to walk at night, and besides studying, he would ofter be staring silently at the night sky. His poems were devoted to the night and the moon, which grew in depth. Rather than academic study, his attention began flowing more and more toward the mystical.

acharya prashant wife

Prashant continued to do well in academics and got admission to one of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. His years in IIT were full of exploration of the world, deep observation of student politics, and participating as a debater and actor in nationwide events and many competitions. He was only one of the most active and vibrant personalities on the campus, a trustworthy student leader and a soulful performer in the state.

He had won many debate and speech competitions in which participants from many countries would compete and win prizes for acting and directing in meaningful plays. He got the ‘Best Actor Award’ in one of the plays in which he did not utter a single word and moved not a single step.

He had been seeing the fact that there is something fundamentally wrong in the way most people perceive the world, the way human minds are conditioned to operate, and something distorted in the way the relationship between people are, the way the worldly institutions are designed, the way our societies function and the very way we live.

He began to see that incomplete perception was at the root of human suffering. He was extremely disturbed by man’s ignorance and cultivated inferiority, the evils of consumption, the evil of poverty, violence towards man, animals and environment and exploitation, which was based on narrow ideology and self-interest. His whole being was starting to challenge the prevalent suffering and thought that the Indian Civil Services or Management route might be an apt one to take as a young man.

He got admission to the Indian Civil Services and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, in the same year. But the service allotted to him according to his rank wants not IAS. He saw that the government was not the right place to bring revolutionary changes, and he opted to go to IIM.

He spent 2 years at IIM, and those years were rich in academic content, he acknowledged. But he was not that type who would confine himself to slogging for placements and grades in these coveted institutions. He would always spend time teaching kids at an NGO operated in a slum near Gandi Ashram. And he would also teach Math to graduates to earn to spend for the NGO. Furthermore, his outrage at human ignorance is expressed through theatre. He played multiple plays like ‘Khamosh, Adalat jaari hai’, ‘Pagla Ghoda’, ‘Rhinoceros’, and ‘The night of January 16’ and directed them as well acted.

On the other hand, he was directing two parallel plays at the same time. Those plays were performed in the IIM auditorium. The auditorium would have packed with audiences from within and outside the city. He had found himself as an outsider in the profit-centred and self-interest driven atmosphere of the campus. These rebellious and existentialist plays helped him throw out his anguish and prepared him for the bigger stage ahead.

Guru Acharya Prashant Taking Flowers From a kid

Then next few years he spent in the wilderness. He describes this period as one of specific longing, sorrow and search. He kept switching jobs and industries, looking for a piece of sanity in the corporate world. 

Acharya Prashant would take time off and go away from the city and gain composure. That was increasingly becoming clear to him that what he wished to do, and was trying out to be expressed through him, could not happen in any traditional way.

His reading and determination intensified,, and he designed a leadership course for experienced professionals and post-graduates based on spiritual literature. The course was implemented at some reputed institutions, and he would sometimes be teaching students who were older than himself in age. Later this course got successful, and he started seeing clarity about what he was doing.

He left his corporate life at the age of 28 and founded ‘Advait Life Education’. Its main slogo was ‘Creation of new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’. The initiation was to bring a deep and practical transformation into people’s consciousness. He chose the students as his initial audience. He offered self-development courses to them. Ancient literature and wisdom were given to students in the form ofengaging activities and simplified texts.

The work of Advait was a great and prevailing appreciation from various sources, despite there being big challenges. The educational and social systems had conditioned the students to study to just clear exams and achieve a degree to secure a job. Self-development education was the education of the Beyond. The life education that Advait Foundation was offering to the students was very new and very different from everything they had ever read or experienced. It would sometimes lead to indifference regarding Advait’s courses and sometimes even aggression from the system.

Often even the parents of the students and the management aspects of the colleges used to fail to grasp the rare immensity and importance of Advait foundation’s activities. With all these difficulties, Advait continued to do well, and the mission continued to extend further. It is touching and transforming millions of students life.

At 30, Acharya Prashant Tripathi started speaking in his clarity sessions. It can also be taken as an understanding session or Samvaad or Satsang. It was an open discussion on critical and most important life issues. Later soon it started becoming more clear that these sessions were very deeply meditative, which brought the mind to a strange peace and brought a miraculously curative effect upon the psyche. Achary Prashant used to record his videos and upload them on the Internet. Soon they developed a website where he published his writings and most of the transcriptions of his talks.

At the same time, he began organizing Self-awareness camps where he used to take true seekers with him to the Himalayas. They used to go in groups of around 30 each for a week. These camps brought deeply transformational evens, and they increased the frequency of the camps. More than hundreds of camps have been organized, spreading immense clarity and peace in a relatively short period. 

Acharya’s rare and unique spiritual literature is like the highest words that mankind has ever known. He is mostly engaged and busy sharing himself in the form of clarity sessions, self-awareness camps, and one to one meetings with many truth-seekers who visit him globally. His way of teaching is remarkable. He attacks the mind so strenuously and at the same time becalms it with such love and compassion.

Acharya Prashant himself radiates clarity from his presence and calming effect from his being. His style is straightforward, clear, compassionate and mystical as well. The ego and the fickleness of the mind don’t find a place to hide and escape in front of his simple and true questions. He plays with his audiences by taking them to the very depth of meditative silence, joking, laughing, attacking and explaining. Simultaneously he appears as someone very close and approachable. The words coming from him are from somewhere beyond.

The thousands of videos and articles uploaded by him on the Internet are extremely precious spiritual resources that are freely available to all those who seek them. He is always open to meeting with sincere Truth seekers. At this time, his spiritual movement has touched several million lives and individuals. He continues to bring clarity, love and peace to all through his direct contact with people and from different internet-based channels.

Acharya Prashant quotes on life.

Acharya Prashant Quote: Source-babalnews.com

Acharya Prashant mostly says that winning our body is a big challenge. Where the body includes both physical and mental aspects of our being. Our identity is deeply attached to it. So that whoever wins this ego is successful. 

There are hundreds and thousands of other Acharya Prashant Quotes On Life from which you take benefits. And if you are thinking to join his foundation, you are always open to it.

How to join the Acharya Prashant organization

If you want to connect with Acharya Prashant Teachings and Advait foundation, you can visit here, fill in the required information, and submit your query. If you want to contact via call or Whatsapp: +91-9650585100, +91-9643750710 are the numbers. If you want to send an email: request@advait.org.in is the email address.



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